United States Department of Veterans Affairs
fraud, waste and abuse

Department of Program Integrity


VA is entrusted with public funds in fulfilling our charge to provide care for Veterans and beneficiaries. We demonstrate good stewardship by taking action to identify risks for fraud, waste, and abuse and implement preventive actions.

The Department of Program Integrity staff is dedicated solely to ensuring that funds allocated to VA health care programs are not erroneously paid for fraudulent or abusive services and supplies. Program Integrity combats fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) through various system safeguards, detailed auditing, and continuous awareness training.

This web site will provide information on fraud news, helpful training and development, valuable resources and other necessary tools to help fight against FWA. With your help, the identification and prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse benefits all VA Programs, Providers, Veterans and their beneficiaries.

Program Integrity Welcome Video
Program Integrity Welcome Video
Karen S. Gwinn, AHFI, CFE
Chief, Purchase Care Department of Program Integrity
Program Integrity Welcome Video Transcript